Losing your Airpods


Losing your AirPods can be a real bummer, now you can only half listen to your music and podcasts. 

Sailor Donna, sophomore, said, “I lose about 150 AirPods every year.”

If you lost one of your AirPods, turn your music on as loud as possible and listen for Brittney Spears to direct you to where your AirPods fell because an unconnected Airpod is sure to play music. 

Look in all your pet’s mouths — you would be surprised what they can get into. This is the top most common place teens find AirPods, just how did that get in there behind their 35 molar? 

Go to your great great great Aunt’s house, and arrive without warning. Your distant Aunt definitely has it and they are hiding it even if you have never been to their house or met them. Ransack the place in search of that missing piece of your soul known as your lost Airpod. 

Search outside under that random rock next to the highway from the one time a month that you venture outside instead of watching your tiny box of light. 

While you’re still outside getting your yearly Vitamin D, look in the bird’s nest outside since birds love to collect shiny things. It could have easily swooped down and taken it. 

Look in the toilet as well you never know in a moment of weakness on the toilet that you dropped it in. You can’t say you’ve never sat on the toilet for an hour watching Tik Tok and accidentally by mistake dropped your Airpod and flushed it down and it has gotten stuck in the pipe and you can’t unclog it and have to get a plumber to rescue it. 

If all else fails in finding your lost Airpod check in the black hole of an abyss in the corner of your room or underneath your couch you could probably find about anything in that thing. It holds all your lost items and probably goes to different dimensions…

Sarah Johnson, freshman, said, “I always check the abyss in my room, dig my hand in their deep and always find it! Where else would it be where I left it last??”

Heaven forbid you use the totally not complicated find my AirPods app that definitely always works. 

Make sure to keep it in the case next time, and if you lose your Airpod case then that probably means you were robbed and need to buy a new one. 


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