When Does Christmas Officially Start?


During fall and winter there are four main holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

For most of the United States, the Christmas season starts after Halloween. This is typically when Christmas and holiday items are hitting shelves in stores. Even though there is two months between Halloween and Christmas, the media and stores push the Christmas agenda. 

“Christmas Creep” is the idea that the Christmas season is gradually becoming longer and starting earlier each year. 

“What happened to Thanksgiving? It feels like the Christmas season has almost made Thanksgiving extinct,” said Ava Finn, sophomore.  

Having the holiday season start earlier is beneficial to businesses because the Christmas atmosphere and products creates an emotional reaction that spending money on gifts and decorations is okay. 

The earlier businesses push out holiday decorations and advertisements, the more time they have to get consumers to buy those products. Consumers are more likely to buy “small gifts” earlier in the holiday season. 

“I tend to buy small gifts such as stocking stuffers earlier in the holiday season. The bigger gifts I buy more towards Christmas,” Susan Christensen, a mother from the Leesville area. 

The Christmas Season is starting earlier for both businesses and consumers. We should postpone the holiday season and focus on other holidays like Thanksgiving that get lost in the Christmas craze. 


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