What is the Best Halloween Candy?


Receiving candy on Halloween is great, but we all know certain candy is eaten before the others. Everyone looks forward to finding their favorite candy inside the Halloween bowl. 

“After I get back from trick or treating, I always separate the Twix bars from the rest of the candy, they are my favorite,” said Will Coste, a sophomore.

Students describe their favorite candy.

“During Halloween, I specifically search for Snickers bars. I usually eat them before I get home,” said Ben Holland.

This pie chart is a representation of fifty students from Leesville Road High School. They were asked what candies out of the four listed were the “Best Halloween Candy”. 

Out of all four candies, team four (Kit kat) got the most votes for “Best Halloween Candy”. In close second trailed team two (Sour patch kids) with 32.0% of the votes. The last two candies (Twix and snickers) got a combined total of votes less than Kit kat.

Within the hundreds of types of candy you collect during Halloween night, there are obviously some candies that stand above the others. For the Leesville Road High School students, Kit kat is the best Halloween candy.


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