Early Prom Controversy

In the 2021-2022 school year, students enjoyed a successful, well-planned prom on May 13. This school year, this event will take place much earlier than usual. (photo courtesy of Maddy Winick)

On Monday December 5, Principal Solomon releases the 2022-2023 prom date to the Leesville community through his weekly message;

“Save the Date! The 2023 Prom will be held on Friday, March 17, 2023. More details are forthcoming.”

Prom usually happens closer to the end of the school year, making March 17 a significantly earlier date. 

The reason behind the decision to make it earlier was not publicly released.

“All of the dates in May were taken, and we were left with choosing a date that didn’t conflict with other school events, and that happened to be in March,” explained Mrs. Santana, ESL teacher and Junior Class Council advisor which makes her the designated prom coordinator. 

Students share their opinion on Prom being in March rather than May.

“I feel like prom is an event that finishes off the school year, so if it’s two-three months before seniors graduate then the last few months will feel empty without an end of year event,” said Daniel Pearce, senior. 

The Prom will be at the Marriott at Crabtree, same location as last year. No further information is provided yet such as the theme or prices.

As usual, the Junior Class Council members, advisors, and officers plan our school’s prom. They enter the process of getting everything in order sooner than usual, due to the earlier event date.


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