NC State Fair

This is a game that costs $5 where it is a gun race and water comes out the gun. The goal of the game is to be the most consistent person to hit the dot. When you shoot at the dot you're trying to fill up this pole and when you're the first to hit to the top you win a stuffed animal.

Air raid

This ride goes up really high and  when it rotates it also flips the seats upside down.

Circle ride

You are in this cart that can fit 2 people in each and it goes around in circles really fast.


There are 3 sets that hold 4 seats on each and its a ride that goes really high. Then it eventually flips you over 2 times.It looks like a very fun ride but personally, I wouldn’t ride it because I am scared of being so up and flipping over.

Alpine Bobs

This ride is when you sit down in a cart that can fit 2 people in and it goes around in a circle. Some carts that you are in may sway side to side and others don’t.



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