Who is Señor Florence 

Señor Florence stands in front of a wall in his class room. All of the flags are of countries that he has been to or countries his friends have been to. (Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Taylor)

With many teachers at Leesville High School, Señor Florence is a name that all students have heard either from his Tiktoks, Zumba, or his Spanish class. Most of his students love him.

Even if you were not the best student, he always wants to catch up and see how school and life is treating you. 

“I studied abroad in Costa Rica because I wasn’t good at Spanish, so I wanted to get better at it. I was great at everything else, that was just something that was challenging. Life just changed. I was the stereotypical American going to a foriegn country, and the world has opened up,” said Señor Florence.

“I wanted a life that gave back and poured back into others they way others have poured back into me,” said Señor Florence.

The success of his students is Florences number one priority. “It is the main reason we are here or why we decided to teach our subject. When my students walk out with next to no understanding of the subject then I really did not do my job correctly,” said Florence. 

Not only is he persistent in making sure his students understand the subject because “that is my duty, but also because Florence knows that the students are capable. “and if there are students who are able to understand the subject I do not just stop there. I find what each individual student is capable of and push them towards their max, which is not always the same as everyone else’s. So some people might get a little more attention, a little more pushing to go cause they can add more,” said Florence.

Florence will commonly have his students get up and walk around the classroom because he creates a stepping stone to get over fears.

This is really where the change in perspective starts. People won’t like him for getting on their back about getting all the work done, but others will love him for pushing him the extra mile.

 “If you get something wrong, he won’t hop off the topic until you get it right,” said Drumgo.

Elijah Stevenson, a sophomore at Leesville, said, “Señor Florence is very engaged with all his students.”

“He was very loud and he made you pay attention,”said Drumgo.

 Señor Florence will not let you just sit down and look at your phone. you are either doing a quizlet battle with side versus side, or he has you  answer a homework question. 

He will commonly bring in his Nintendo Switch, or play exploding cats, and even Uno on Friday if the class was well behaved and did all of the work from the week.

He can be the best teacher just depends on the attitude you walk into the classroom with. Some days if you do not say Hola Señor Florence will kick you out and have you do it again, and others you won’t do anything but joke with Señor Florence and your class friends.

During some of his class periods Señor Florence would make other classes jealous with how much fun and noise Señor Florence’s class was making.

Señor Florence makes Spanish class fun, you will make friends that you will talk to until either you or the friend graduates. Even when you leave Señor Florence’s class he is always happy.

“People have something in them that tell me they can do more, and I follow that instinct,” said Señor Florence.

Señor Florence is a teacher like no other, Señor Florence will always talk to you and be your friend in good times and bad times.


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