Turkey Trot

The Leesville Road High School executive put a sign in front of the school advertising this year’s Turkey Trot. (Photo Courtesy of Ben Taylor)

For the past three years, the Leesville community has held a 5k run/walk — the “Turkey Trot.” 

This year’s Trot is Thanksgiving, November 25 at the Harrington Grove Clubhouse and is run by the Richard J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship.

“The Turkey Trot is a fundraiser to help support the Murphy scholarship,” said Campbell Scioli, junior. “The Murphy scholarship helps pay for seniors’ college tuition. And, it is really just a race to bring the Leesville community together.”

It is not only a way to bring families together but also sports and teams from the school community.

“The Turkey Trot is a family event that can help grow your family’s relationship with each other . “It is a fun way to bring the family together,” said C. Scioli. 

“The Murphy Scholarship was created after the death of our first principal Richard Murphy. The Murphy building was named after him. [Murphy] died in 2011,” said Angela Scioli in a video, one of the leaders of the Murphy Scholarship.

The Richard Murphy organization started in 2013. “We tried a million other fundraisers: we have tried a homecoming event, a reunion at a football. We had a reunion basketball event with Broughton VS. Leesville game,” said A. Scioli in a video. “Some years there are one recipient, most years there are two. They will always receive at least 1,500 dollars, some years they receive as much as 3,000 dollars. [The] goal is to have the scholarship be at least 2,500 dollars every year.”

“This year we have a race clock and an even better registration process that is seamless and [even] a new age category of ten and under,” said A. Scioli.  “The Executive Council plans the shirts and the NHS does the snacks.”

Registration is open.  If you register by Nov. 7, the cost is $12 (add another $13 for a t-shirt) per runner/walker; registration closes on Nov. 21, but you can same-day register Thanksgiving Day.  


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