Album Review: Midnights


Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated new album, Midnights, came out at midnight today, October 21. 

The 13-track and 44-minute album received a 100/100 score from The Independent the day before its release, so I have very high hopes for this album.

Before listening, I predicted my top three songs: Lavender Haze, Snow on the Beach, featuring Lana Del Rey, and Karma. Let’s see how they fare in my rankings after I listen.

My Rankings & Opinions on Midnights 

Disclaimer: I made this ranking before Taylor released the 3 a.m. version with seven more songs.

  1. Lavender Haze
  2. Maroon
  3. Question…?
  4. Midnight Rain
  5. Vigilante Shit
  6. Snow on the Beach
  7. Bejeweled
  8. Sweet Nothings
  9. Anti-Hero
  10. You’re On Your Own Kid
  11. Labyrinth 
  12. Mastermind
  13. Karma

Overall, I was thrown by this album. It’s very different from Taylor’s past two albums, Folklore and Evermore, which are my favorites from her. 

It was very much a mix of 1989 and Reputation in regards to the beat and lyrics. It was a fascinating mix, and since I didn’t like 1989 much, it might take me longer to enjoy Midnights

The beginning of the album was fascinating, especially for Lavender Haze. I was expecting something smoother and mellower. 

Then in “Snow on the Beach”, I was expecting more from Lana Del Rey on the track than what was provided. I think that was really wasting the potential the track would have.

Everything started to change when I went to Side B. The lyrics matched the melody more, in my opinion, and I found tracks like “Vigilante Shit” and “Bejeweled,” which is the type of song I like the most from Taylor.

Nonetheless, I am so happy to have new music from her. I love the re-recordings and how much it means to Taylor and her fans, but I appreciate having something new from her. 

I hope over time, my rankings change. With tracks like “Anti-Hero” and “Labyrinth,” I want to like them.

Listen to Midnights on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music today.


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