School Bathroom Horror


The school bathrooms have a split between who uses them and who doesn’t, but there are several improvements that need to be made.( Photo used by permission of Daniel Lamm.)

Public bathrooms result in mixed opinions — especially school bathrooms. There is a split between those who use them and those who don’t. 

Richard By, a junior, tries to avoid the bathrooms if he can. The lack of cleanliness often puts him off.

“I only go if it is an emergency, otherwise I avoid them,” said By.

By’s problem is how well kept the bathrooms are. He finds that they are rarely clean and will often find absurd messes.

There are many images of odd things found in the bathroom. 

Last school year, it was a trend to deface the bathrooms or make bizarre messes for Instagram and Tiktok. 

“They’re heavily germinated… one time I found a pile of oranges in the toilet.”

To improve the bathrooms, he suggests better cleaning. He also thinks the students should be respectful in the bathrooms. They should make an effort to clean up after themselves.

Hannah Davenport, a senior, is willing to use the school bathrooms. 

“I have to go, I’ll go, I’m not afraid of the bathroom,” Davenport said. 

While the bathrooms do disgust her at times, she doesn’t like being uncomfortable the rest of the day because she didn’t go.

“If I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go,” she said. 

Davenport’s main problem is toilet paper. 

Last year, there was an issue with a lack of toilet paper and paper towels. Most bathrooms were not well stocked and would stay that way for several days. 

On top of that, the toilet paper provided is poor quality. A lot of it has to be used.

This year, it has been stocked better. However, there are still times when there is none. 

“I have to wipe my hands on my clothes sometimes,” said Davenport. 

Better products should be provided for the students, as well as more frequent product stockings. 

Students feel differently about the bathrooms. The school and students should make an effort to keep the bathrooms clean and available.


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