LRHS Women’s Golf

The Leesville Road highschool women's golf team is made up of eleven girls and is coached by Mr. Patterson. This is one of the smaller and more unknown teams at Leesville. (Photo used by permission of Katie Brand)

Mr. Patterson has been coaching this team for six years now, and he runs practice for these girls two to three times a week at the Brier Creek Country Club. They have matches usually once a week against other schools in CAP 6, the conference that LRHS is a part of. 

A lot of the girls came in knowing the basic skills but throughout the season Mr. Patterson has taught them all a lot. 

Katie Brand, a junior, plays on the team for the first time this year. “It’s kind of just been a learning and getting better experience for a lot of people,” said Brand. 

The team as a whole is not an outstanding golf team. “We are kind of struggling this year… Most of the girls are fairly new to the sport… I have one girl who will probably make it to states,” said Patterson. 

The team environment is great. “It’s great and the girls are all so nice, and we have a lot of fun,” said Brand. 

“I love our team environment… It’s a whole group of friends and we just love practicing together,” said Maddie Morita, a junior. 

“I think the team chemistry is really good. The girls all know each other and they get along. They have a lot of fun while learning golf!” said Patterson.


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