Mr. Phillips Says Goodbye to Leesville

After 16 years at Leesville, Robert Phillips, a Leesville High School teacher in the English department, is transferring to Apex Friendship.

Phillips has been driving to Leesville for 16 years even though it’s 25 minute in the mornings and afternoon. Phillips is transferring to Apex Friendship to teach closer to home and at the same school that his daughter and son are districted to for high school. 

Phillips has taught freshman and junior academic and honors English courses, and AP language. Twelve years ago, Phillips was asked to teach a new course, Cultural Media Literacy, and he eventually wrote the curriculum for the rest of Wake County. 

Phillips has taken part in the creation of multiple films before his career at Leesville, and he received a masters degree in English and Composition Film studies. His knowledge in film paved the way for the Cultural Media Course that he pioneered here at Leesville.

“There was a point when it wasn’t convenient anymore, but what kept me coming back, besides the amazing students, is the collegiality,” said Phillips.

As Phillips moves towards the next chapter in his teaching career, he will take the lessons he learned at Leesville on how to build relationships with students and teachers. According to Phillips, throughout his time here, he has tried to give off a “tough dad vibe by supporting the kids here in the ways [he] can.” 

Leesville is the longest place Phillips has ever worked. Phillips will miss Leeville because of the community and family the high school has created.

“Leesville is a family — people say that sometimes, but it’s legitimately how it actually is,”  said Phillips.

As Phillips prepares for teaching at Apex Friendship, he’s excited to explore the community and family Apex has created all while keeping his 16 years of memories and friendships at Leesville in mind.


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