This Old Dog Album Review

Mac DeMarco’s 2017 album, This Old Dog, is one of the most perfectly crafted music albums ever made. DeMarco takes you through the most important aspects of sound and emotion in this album. (Photo courtesy of

Mac DeMarco is a musical artist who’s created some of the most peacefully touching music you’ll hear. The mellow rock artist gives the listener feelings of relief for any problems in their life. 

If you listen to DeMarco’s music, you will learn so much about him and maybe even gain a fresh perspective and reassurance about who you are. Additionally to music, DeMarco composes sounds that express pure thought and emotion. 

DeMarco’s 2017 album, This Old Dog, reveals a sense of honesty that is absent from his previous work. While describing his struggles with his relationship with his ailing father, DeMarco becomes especially vulnerable in his album. 

DeMarco becomes more vulnerable and truthful over the course of the album, creating a hopeful but depressing atmosphere. He hopes to fix his relationship but is depressed by the fact that his father’s days are running out. Throughout this album DeMarco’s emotion is so well expressed and given life, which is one of the things that make this album so special. 

DeMarco’s music predominantly uses synthesizers, which have a smoother sound than acoustic instruments such as guitar, bass, etc. “My Old Man, an acoustic guitar piece in which DeMarco sings about all the things he has in common with his father, abruptly opens this album. In “Sister,” DeMarco takes you on a slow descent into reality, which is an insight into his story. The album takes you closer to DeMarco’s heart as you discover what he expresses. 

Positivity continues to fade as the album gets to the song “Moonlight On The River.” Here is where we see his raw and pure struggle for the first time. DeMarco’s lyrics, “I’d say, see you later, if I thought I’d see you later,” begin the song with another step closer to his heart. DeMarco’s description of his relationship with his father is so beautifully expressed in this song, not knowing how to feel about the inevitable death of his father “It’s so strange, deciding, how I feel about you, It ain’t like, I ain’t used to going on without you”. 

Finishing the album with “Watching Him Fade Away,” we are left with a final piece of DeMarco’s painful remorse towards his father. Now, with the complete absence of his guitar, he completely contrasts his introduction to the album.


“My Old Man” was the first song in the album discussing the similarities he found between himself and his father, while “Watching Him Fade Away” unwraps DeMarco’s real honesty about his relationship. “And even though we barely know each other… It still hurts watching him fade away” DeMarco reveals here that the physical similarities he had with his father were truly the only thing they had between them. Even though DeMarco didn’t have a good relationship with his father, he still is in pain because of the regret behind that relationship. In other words, he isn’t in pain because of the loss of his father, but because of his missed chance to make their relationship something more before it was too late.

It’s impossible to imagine a more poetic way to express the vulnerability DeMarco displayed in this album. The feeling for him that he elicits throughout each song comes from his honesty. With a focus on bringing reality to the forefront, DeMarco captures his musical talent so well in this uniquely somber album. 

This Old Dog is an album you need to listen to because it will help you feel honesty for yourself. DeMarco’s mood transition tells a story in a way that perfectly displays his charismatic skills.


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