Crash On Leesville Road


On the morning of Monday, January 31, 2022 there was a car crash on Leesville Road right before the turn onto O’neal. 

Illiana Pardo and Aleera Harris, both juniors at Leesville, got into an accident waiting in line to head to school. Pardo was at a stop and got rear ended by Harris. Luckily there was no crucial damage to either car. 

They had to pull over into the grass, and the police came to gather information about the incident as well as insurance information. 

The accident caused the already long line and busy intersection to be even more backed up. Everyday the line is a stressor for many students and parents trying to get to the school. This incident made it so other drivers had to go around the two cars and onto O’neal. 

Many students were late to class because of the accident. Jordan Blair, a junior was one of the many cars who got stuck behind and were forced to go around.

“I had a test my first period and because of the accident I was late. I have time accommodations for tests so I got extra time but I missed out on what my class was doing after the test which was frustrating,” said Blair. 

“The crash caused me to be really late to my first period,” said Pardo. 

The Leesville community has been looking for a solution to this daily problem for a while now. Finally, the task of widening O’neal road is in full force, so hopefully accidents like this can be avoided in the future. 


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