Finding the Christmas Spirit

The community Christmas trees in Edenton, North Carolina, are one town’s way to celebrate Christmas. Other towns and cities have parades or community events, which are all fun and full of holiday cheer. (Photo courtesy of Savannah Sinor).
Seeing the Lights: To start, see some Christmas lights. You can walk around your neighborhood and see their decorations or go somewhere else, like Pullen Park. Either way, seeing some Christmas lights are a great way to feel more Christmassy without putting in much thought or effort.
Listening to Music Another easy way to create a more holiday feel is to listen to Christmas music. You can play it while driving, working, cooking, or anytime really. It does not take any extra time out of your busy day, and listening to these classics can make even the most humbug feel people smile.
Watching Movies These may take a little more time, but these Christmas movies are worth it. From Christmas classics to Hallmark movies, there are thousands of options for every type of moviegoer. There is nothing like an old Christmas movie to help you feel the holiday spirit.
Finding a tree: It is not Christmas without a Christmas tree. Perhaps it is the smell that seems to permeate the entire house or just the knowledge you have a tree, but they make a home feel a little more like Christmas.
Decorating A Christmas tree might be the best Christmas decoration of them all, but you cannot forget all the other decor. Stockings, wreaths, and all the other holiday-themed items make a home so full of holiday cheer that you can not help but feel happy.
Christmas Shopping: Now you are happy and feeling the holiday cheer. It is time to make family and friends happy by buying a gift you know you will love. Funny, thoughtful, or somewhere in-between — sit down and finish all that shopping done and be content knowing that on Christmas Day, you will make all your loved ones happy.
Wrapping Once those gifts come in, it is time to wrap them up. Your tree will not feel complete until there are at least a few wrapped gifts under it. Plus, people love to come in on Christmas morning and see a Christmas gift just for them under the tree.
Baking Cookies Finally, what is Christmas without some holiday-themed cookies? Fun for the whole family and tasty once done, these cookies are great ways to make everyone feel a little more Christmassy.


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