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Dune was published in 1965 by an intelligent figure in his time. Frank Herbert, who was both ahead of his time and underappreciated by his generation, made a book so unexpected that it still lives on many years after his death. It takes time to create such a phenomenon; it takes care, diligence, and faith, all of which Frank Herbert’s fans felt he had.

This movie has been the most anticipated movie for the past year, but anticipate no more because as of October 22, 2021, it is finally here. Many onlookers have been wary of this movie, tied between the two emotions of excitement and nervousness. When watching a movie based on a book, sometimes the readers often judge the movie too harshly, as it does not always represent it as much as it should. Many speculations circulating this movie have been on whether or not Denis Villeneuve and his crew will be able to precisely mimic such legendary work and go beyond expectations. 

Walking out of the movie theatre, hearing the heavy sighs of a full stomach and satisfied hearts, I feel the need to say it has definitely succeeded even the pickiest book readers critique. The reviews have been off the charts raving on how much of a masterpiece it is, how the graphics had the place in awe, constantly pulling their eyes into the screen second by second. 

A recent review from a fellow fan of Dune found on google reviews. (Screenshot Courtesy of India Webster)

What about the movie made it so phenomenal?

Well, everything, according to critics and fans, including myself. From the deviations to the cinematography, the actors selected, and most importantly, the acting itself-It was all beautiful. As you start this beautiful journey in Dune you see a young man by the name of Paul Atreides, raised in an elegant household where generational magic is introduced early in the movie proving, later on, to be pertinent to his heroic adventures. A loving household it seems to be, with a supportive father and a mother who would do absolutely anything for her child.

The Atriedes family seems to be of royalty which in return, due to their status, are asked to take on a task. Certain friends and family express their concern regarding this sudden quest as they feel it’s too sketchy and too soon. But choosing to disregard their skepticism the family proceeds with the mission. Paul loses many members of his family that he loves dearly and this is when a heartthrob is born. On a mission for revenge and prosperity for himself, to get justice, and to avenge all those lost, fans really get a look into the thoughts of the mysterious character Paul Atreides. 

The Actors and Actresses of Dune 

“A heartthrob was born.” Yes, you heard correctly, this is the main event of the movie. We came for this character specifically, along with another widely loved actress playing Paul’s secret ‘lover’ named Cheri. Paul is played by Timothee Chalamet himself, a young man new to the industry but very talented, and is said to have portrayed everyone’s depiction of what Paul should be.

The emotions he displays not only through words in the movie but also through facial expressions constantly left the audience at the edge of their seat yearning for more. If we put our pride aside, many would admit, we were there for Chalamet. We wanted Dune and got the perfect person to play it, a bonus not seen much in the movie industry nowadays. And if you were not there for Chalamet then you were there for Zendaya, a veteran actress beginning her career at the young age of just 14 years old!

Zendaya plays the unseen Chani, who only exists Paul’s dreams, we open with a quote from her, the description she feeds to the audience is an automatic hook, her voice soft and determined, her dominant aura heard as well as seen. I was instantly intrigued, and a little empathetic at her saddened connotation. She cries out for the freedom and safety of her people as this injustice needs to be stopped. That is where Paul gets sucked into this world of cruelty and injustice he was not sure he wanted for himself.

However, instead of abandoning his duties and running away like the child most people thought of him to be, as he thought of himself as he stepped up in his father’s place. He allowed the viewers to witness a young man of innocence transition into an experienced man preparing for war. Many heartfelt clips hitting us with the feels really encouraged the connection between the movie and its target audience, creating that “aw factor” we all craved. 

So the credits roll, the last bit of popcorn is eaten, and you finally let that stray tear fall. We all sigh in contentment leaving the theatre, yet again satisfied with a movie as the expectations of its evolution did not disappoint. Even after all these years, Frank Herbert’s legacy lives on — a masterpiece made to last forever. Still showcased in theatres, go grab a ticket and experience this satisfaction for yourself! 



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