Leesville’s Band Concerts


At the beginning of December, The Leesville Band Program had their first in-person, indoor band concerts since March of 2020. The Intermediate, Concert, and Jazz Band held their concert on December 2. The Symphonic Band performed the following day, December 3. 

Intermediate Band is the beginner level band at Leesville. Most of these musicians spent a significant amount of their middle school band career online, which stunted their musical growth. Alyssa Mongomery, the band conductor at Leesville, shared this with the audience to emphasize how proud she was of their performance and how far they have come since the beginning of the school year.

Concert Band also had a great performance. Montgomery was very complimentary of the percussion section, which had a strong presence in multiple of their pieces. Flute soloists Heather Kleinert and Sarah Dood were also applauded by the audience. 

The audience was very impressed by the Jazz band. They only had three weeks of rehearsal leading up to the concert, which took place every morning from 6:45-7:15 am. Even under these circumstances, they put on a great performance and featured fantastic soloists.

The Symphonic Band put on an amazing performance. They played some classic holiday pieces and featured a number of soloists, including Caleb Thomas, Mariann Haney, and Kat Davis. Many guests participated in this concert: the Hilburn Middle School band conductor conducted “Sleigh Ride,” the previous Leesville band conductor narrated “The Night Before Christmas,” and the Pine Hollow Middle School Band conductor played a solo in “Victor’s Tale.”

Overall, Montgomery and her students were grateful to play live music again, and they put on fantastic performances for the Leesville community.


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