What You Can Bring for Thanksgiving

This is what a real Thanksgiving dinner looks like, without any of that turkey stuff in there. If dinner doesn’t look like this then run for the hills. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Although Christmas is close, Thanksgiving is also right around the corner. With this famous holiday coming up, let’s talk about what we can bring to your families Thanksgiving dinner to bring more cheer!

One thing I always bring to our family dinner is our leftover Halloween candy that has only been semi used. That way I can show I am thankful for Halloween and chocolate. Don’t be shy to get some chocolate for the dogs too, they love it!

Another thing you can bring which I learned this from my aunt is a machete to cut up the turkey. It is quick and easy to cut and it makes everyone thankful for knives and other things that are cut.

“I would bring my dog,” said Kayleigh Wilks, a sophomore. When asked if the dog was to be eaten or just for fun, she said, “It is up to your imagination.” 

After doing some research online, I found that a popular thing to bring is a phone, storing evidence of that one aunt cheating.  That way you can get a lifetime supply of whatever you want! Now, isn’t that something to be thankful for?

My favorite thing to bring is some noise-cancelling earbuds. Why? Because that way you won’t have to hear, for the millionth time, where you are planning to go to college nor remind them again of what year you are in for high school. 

One thing I have found myself  doing as a habit during thanksgiving is painting. The only problem is when I dip my paint brush into the paint water, I accidentally put it in my family’s drinking water instead. Nevertheless, it has caused my uncle to pass out one time because I brought toxic paint, so this year, be sure to bring non toxic paint.

Something I really need to bring this year is a huge rock as a centerpiece. Who needs your great aunt’s cake in the middle when you can experience nature right in front of you? Not to mention it could help you take cover from that one family member who coughs like they have bronchitis and smoked for 45 years. 

Bring something fun to the table this year! Who knows? You might just regret it!


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