What About Thanksgiving?


Despite stores, radio stations, and that one annoying neighbor pulling out all their Christmas cheer, it is not time for Christmas.

One impassioned Pleesville senior, Jane Blaine, explains why. 

“Christmas… I’m all for it, but it is way too soon to decorate and play the music. I mean, what about Thanksgiving? What is it, chopped liver?” said Blaine.

She brings up a good point. Why aren’t the stores, radios, and those pesky neighbors preparing for Thanksgiving? 

It may not have the best backstory, but it is a genuine holiday with a good meaning. It is a day to be thankful, but it seems no one is thankful for it.

“It is like no one cares. Thanksgiving is a day for family and friends to get together and to be thankful for… stuff. But no! Instead, everyone wants to celebrate some over-hyped consumer holiday,” said Blaine.

That is why Blaine and her supporters are staging a protest. She and hundreds of others have made signs condemning those who have already started watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas songs, and doing anything remotely Christmas-related. 

“Our signs are fantastic! I am super proud of these guys… Basically, our plan is to split into three main groups: neighborhoods, stores, and radio stations. Those are divided a little more among themselves. You know, one subgroup for one store and another subgroup for another store… and so and so forth,” said Blaine. 

She plans to start with a group in her neighborhood, before switching to work with people in front of stores. Food Tiger and Bullseye are her primary targets, but Blaine hopes to have time to do Morris Skeeter and Talmart. 

While she is doing that, there will be other groups doing the same at the radio stations.

“I just hope people will get it into their heads that ‘hey, there is another holiday before Christmas, why don’t I celebrate that first,’ but that may be too much to ask,” said Blaine.

Jane Blaine only hopes that her rational protest will make people realize that they should either celebrate Thanksgiving with the same vigor they celebrate Christmas or wait to pull out their Christmas stuff till Thanksgiving is over.


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