AP Literature Students Start Their Final Research Paper


Seniors taking AP Literature and Composition are entering their final quarter of high school English. To start the quarter off, they have been assigned their final research paper.

A Senior Thesis is a large research project that seniors in high school and college complete individually. This is an extensive process and requires a lengthy report. Not all schools require this, including Leesville.

In place of a Senior Thesis, seniors in AP Lit were assigned a 3-4 page research paper. It will be worth 20 percent of their quarter grade. 

“The final research project is a great opportunity for us to write a paper that incorporates a biography and analysis of a poet of our choosing,” said Emma Nani, a senior in third period AP Lit. 

For this project, seniors are required to use all the skills they have learned over their high school career: reading, research, writing, critical thinking, synthesis and more. All of this must be completed in a month.

Students chose from a list of accomplished poets. “I am writing my paper on Delmira Agustini — she was a Latin American Modernist poet,” said Nani.

There is a substantial amount of research that students must gather for this assignment. To do so, Mrs.Wilkerson — AP Lit teacher — has given students three days in class to do research in the library. 

The library staff is doing all they can to help. “We are given lots of resources through the media center and the librarians, so although my poet had no books in the library, I was still able to access biographies and documents online,” said Nani.


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