Why Students Aren’t Dressing Up for Spirit Week


While some students go all out on Spirit Week, a small portion of the Leesville population stands against the week of theme days. These students decided to protest Spirit Week, here are some of their reasoning. 

What If I Forgot About Spirit Week? 

Last year Sadie Baldwick, a sophomore, spent weeks in preparation for Homecoming and Spirit Week. Instead of repeating her hard work for 2021, she unexpectedly did not dress up. 

“I was so excited for Spirit Week this year. I was going to go all out on every theme and even go to the Homecoming game. The issue was I procrastinated on my outfits a bit. When Sunday night rolled around, I took a look at my wardrobe and realized that I don’t own anything that fits the bill for the week. Tourist day, where are you supposed to find luau attire? And class colors day, like seriously, who actually owns a neon yellow shirt?” said Baldwick.

By Friday, Baldwick was absolutely ready for the last day of Spirit Week. Despite her school spirit being thwarted by procrastination, she at least thought school colors day would be easy enough. 

“After a week of not having any of the right clothes, I thought I could at least dress out in school colors, that just means I wear my Leesville Tee, right? Well Friday morning I looked through my drawers, and it turns out it’s dirty. Great! Just what I need! Even a last minute load of laundry wouldn’t clean my shirt on time,” said Baldwick.

 No Pajama Day, No Participation 

Another student at Leesville refused to participate in Spirit Week for very different reasons. Alex Miller, a senior known for napping in class. Through most of his high school career, he slept through school, somehow magically finishing just enough work to pass with a B average. For him, Spirit Week meant pajama day, the one day where one could sleep in class comfortably. 

“I decided to protest Spirit Week because I was really looking forward to pajama day,” said Miller. “It probably seems really petty, but I was so excited to wear my slippers to class and just nap in peace. When the schedule came out and there was no pj day, it was honestly really disappointing, so I decided to just skip the week altogether.” 

Whether it be a protest against school ideas, or an accidental mishap, even the students who did not dress up for Spirit Week still have Leesville Pride. 



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