Final Smash Bros Character


For months, fans of the beloved Smash Bros series were looking forward to the release of a new character. There were many characters that Nintendo could add because they have partnered with Microsoft to bring in characters like Minecraft Steve. So the opportunities for new characters were endless.

Nintendo managed to defy expectations by making a deal with Disney. So the final smash character is Sora. He is a beloved character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He also brings an impressive fighting style that anyone can try.

Sora is a close range melee character. He uses his key as his weapon of choice. The character is also very mobile. His jump and running animations make Sora very ‘floaty’. This allows him to avoid attacks with ease. Sora’s play style is very much an airborne fighter. 

Nintendo also let fans in on some of Sora’s abilities and moves. Sora uses a lot of magic based attacks. The main move that Nintendo showed off is his jump. Sora will jump up and swing his key, similar to how Links jump works. So this can be used both offensively and defensively.

While Smash Ultimate will hopefully not be the last game in the series, it is interesting to think that Sora will be the last DLC character for a while. Nintendo still has so many cool characters they could add, if they plan on making a new game.

Sora is a welcomed addition to Smash Ultimate and fans agree that Nintendo has done the impossible. He is a loved character that will introduce new people to the game.


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