LRHS Lacrosse Workouts Begin


LRHS has recently begun off season workouts and practices for men’s lacrosse. Each week there is speed and agility training, and a practice on every Wednesday and Saturday. 

LRHS has started an offseason team called Combat Wombats. The goal of this team is to help build fundamentals for new players and get ready for the upcoming season. This team is led by volunteers and senior players to help coach.   

After October, the practices end and the games begin. In the months of October and December, the team partakes in scrimmages against other schools who have an offseason team as well. 

The team also participates in local tournaments. 

LRHS lacrosse workouts are held at the Leesville Middle School fields, Brier Creek Park, or the MAC. Combat Wombats is available for any guy in highschool and gives them a chance to learn and play lacrosse for Leesville. 


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