Principal Solomon Addresses Car Vandals


LRHS has experienced a large number of break-ins due to car vandals in the student parking lot. 

Due to the increase, Mr. Solomon had to address the issue. 

Last Thursday, Mr. Solomon came over the intercom stating that there will be a $250 reward for anyone that has any evidence or proof of anyone committing these acts. A number of students rushed to the office to show videos of students that have committed the acts of breaking into cars or vandalizing them. As of now, no one has been found any of the car vandals. 

Cameron Marshall, LRHS student, said, “I have made sure to lock my door each day and since I have heard about people’s cars being broken into I have made sure to hide all my belongings in my car.” 

Hiding the belongings obviously keeps them out of sight from people outside the car, and hopefully will keep items safe. 

Since that announcement, we have seen no vandalism and break ins.

Mr. Solomon’s message and announcement of the reward has worked, and students have taken notice of it.


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