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Playgrounds are for Bears too


WATCH: Mother bear teaches cub how to use playground slide | WLOS

Staff at Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina recently had a few fluffy visitors at the elementary school’s playground. A momma bear was spotted teaching her cub how to go down the playground’s slide as seen in the video.


Peabody the Mini Pony



Meet Peabody, the miniature horse who won’t let anything stop him from getting his dinner.


Shreddin’ it 



Wow! This person sure isn’t afraid of heights – watch how this snowboarder jumps over an insane drop off and sticks the landing on the snowy mountain side.


Up Up and Away



Need a break while flying? Check out these paragliders cruising through the sky above Annecy Lake, France, as they take a seat on another paraglider’s parachute below to rest for a moment.


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