Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Bopping Baby

This little baby is just jamming out to his favorite tune — take some inspiration today and find your favorite song to hype you up.

Rainy Day Dancing

Here’s one man who’s not brought down by a rainy day. While the passengers wait for their flight to take off, he gives them just a little entertainment.

Future TikTok Trend?

Another baby to brighten your day, this one bringing you the latest TikTok trend. Her imitation of social media influencers is bound to get you laughing.

21st of September

The 21st of September is always celebrated by internet users, thanks to the song “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire. Many will post videos dancing to this song — like the UNC football team, as seen on this Instagram post. This is a fun and harmless celebration that everyone can enjoy together


The #BeKind trend on TikTok encourages people to do simple acts of kindness for those around them. Brands like Pacsun are committed to post their kind actions in September. 

Berries & Cream

Tiktok and users are loving the “Berries and Cream” song. Taking it even further, this TikTok user created earrings inspired by the original viral video. Ideas like these keep the trend alive and continue to make people smile.


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