Outer Banks Review


Netflix’s Outer Banks makes waves with its action adventure teen drama series. Viewers immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery of Charleston, South Carolina and drama of the teen lifestyle.

About the show

Outer Banks follows John B (Chase Stokes) and his group of Pogues (working class citizens) friends living in the Cut which is the south side of the Outer Banks. He goes on to try and find his father Big John (Charles Halford), who went missing at sea trying to find the HMS Royal Merchant which legend says has gold on it. Trying to overcome love and friendship and defeat the cops and Kooks (Wealthy People)

Critic reviews 

Emma Stafansky from Thriller explained how the show could have been so much more, but it became repetitive “it seems that all the show is focused on is fights between the Pogues and the Kooks, a drug-dealing plot, and a character that keeps pulling a gun out whenever stuff starts to get hairy.” 

Stafansky thought that the relationship between characters and their fathers was boring. “Any character who has a father figure present will get into a yelling fistfight with them, and it happens over and over and over.”

Paul Tassi Senior Contributor for Forbes think that the teenagers make a lot of dumb decisions:  “I know that these are supposed to be teenagers but boy, the amount of per capita dumb decisions in this show are pretty astronomical by the end.” He goes on to say how underwhelming the show is — “I just finished its ten episode run, and while it engaged me at first, by the end, I was a bit underwhelmed with the final product.”

My Opinion 

Personally I think that the show is good. The characters are perfect for the setting of the Outer Banks, and the actors bring each of the characters to life. The story makes perfect sense considering that the Outer Banks is near the graveyard of the Atlantic. The story sounds cliche because it is — if you take a look at John B and Sarah Cameron, it’s a classic Romeo and Juliet story, lovers born natural enemies. 

The only criticisms I have about the show is timing. You could tell me the episodes were set over a period of two days or two months and I wouldn’t know which one would be right.

Netflix’s Outer Banks is overall a really good show, and I would highly recommend it to teens who love action-adventure and drama.


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