Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Leesville Young Life is a religious group of students who come together to learn more about Christianity.

The club is welcome to all Leesville Road High School students. Part of each meeting, attendees read from the Bible and interact in collaborative activities.

The club focuses on becoming familiar with God and meeting new people.

The members participate in local gatherings to talk about Christ. “At my first meeting of Young Life, everyone made me feel so included, all of the students were ecstatic to be all together again after the break due to COVID-19,” said Maddie Morita, a member of Young Life.

The club consists of Leesville Road High School and college students.

As we return to school, the club receives more recognition. “During covid, Young Life was very different, we did not do club (which was boys and girls together) our meetings were very small and not many people knew about it since it was a new school year,” wrote Alex Buenaventura, a member of Young Life. 

Leesville Young Life helps students learn about the Bible and feel closer to Christ.


By Sanaa Blila, staff writer

Hi! My name is Sanaa and I am a staff writer for The Mycenaean. I am also a dancer at Carolina Dance Center. I‘ve been going to Leesville since Elementary School.

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