The Staggered Dismissal at Leesville


This new staggered dismissal process starts at 2:10, but not all students leave at the same time. Instead, each part of campus releases one by one starting at 2:10 PM with the 2nd floor of the Murphy building and ending with the release of the social studies pods at 2:17. This is creating lots of traffic as shown in the image above.

The staggered dismissal confused students like Parker Silver, my twin brother who is also a senior and did virtual Academy last year. “I did virtual Academy so I had no idea about this change,” he said.

Some students feel that it is unfair due to the schedule. When asked about the new dismissal schedule Silver also said, “I think it’s very inconvenient considering my 4th period is in the history trailers so I’m the last released, but also quite possibly the farthest from the parking lot.”

Others understand why these precautions are taking place. 

Brendan Shore, a senior at Leesville, said, “I’m in favor of it. I think it’s a pretty good idea. I think it’s helpful in both managing the flow of students and stopping the spread of COVID-19, and I’m pretty cool with it.” 

When asked why Leesville is doing this staggered dismissal, Ian Solomon, principal, said,  “Our goal is to minimize the amount of student’s making contact with each other to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and this staggered dismissal helps reach that goal.”

As of now, the dismissal is going to stay the same, but if the threat of COVID-19 starts going down, we may go back to the normal release schedule.


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