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Prioritizing Mental Health



Tennis star Naomi Osaka recently made the big decision to prioritize her mental health over attending anxiety-inducing press conferences. Serena Williams and others came to her side to support her decision, wishing her luck and saying she made a brave choice.


People Pride Month Kickoff



Happy ##pridemonth!🏳️‍🌈Starting off strong with THE @itsjojosiwa ##ForYourPride ##jojosiwa ##pride ##TodayIsLove

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Happy pride month! People magazine is kicking pride month off strong with their feature on Jojo Siwa. Siwa is an idol to young people all over the world for expressing herself freely and being open with her sexuality.


“Evermore” New Record 


Taylor Swift is already a legend, and her recent album “Evermore,” which has set a new record, is another one of her many accomplishments. Vinyl is a popular way to listen to music these days, and people are rushing to buy these vinyl copies.


iCarly Revival



The new iCarly series is airing on Paramount Plus starting on June 17 with the release of the first three episodes. The trailer for the new show is getting fans of the original excited for the more mature adaptation.


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