The Leesville JV Women’s Tennis Family

Although tennis is played in a solo or doubles format, the Leesville JV women’s tennis team does their best to better themselves as a team.

Slight changes were placed on the JV tennis team because of COVID-19 restrictions, but nothing drastic enough to turn away the team’s usual players. Tennis typically takes place during the months of August and September, but due to the uncertainty of sports teams’ capability to play, their season was moved to the spring.

The change in the tennis team’s season had both positive and negative effects. Tennis, being an outside sport, lost a lot of practice time due to weather and spring storms, but since their season was pushed so far back, the team was able to play most of their seasons without masks after the mask mandate was lifted.

Regarding the tennis teams actual season, fortunately, a lot of schools in the district hosted a tennis season and were willing to compete against Leesville in matches. The Leesville team has had multiple match opportunities and chances to play a variety of schools tennis teams like Sanderson, Gibbons, and Broughton.

Leesville may not have had the most successful JV women’s tennis season, but the players on the team were just happy to be able to play and with their friends. 

Riley Russel, a senior on the tennis team, said, “I had the choice between JV and Varsity, and I choose JV because there’s such an amazing atmosphere and we have so much fun together and with our coach.”

Hayden Kizakevich, a sophomore on the JV team, agreed that the team’s losses against other schools did not affect how fun the team had this season. “Our team is extremely close, and we have fun no matter the outcome of a match,” said Kizakevich.

The JV women’s tennis team proved that even when they have a bad season, the team can still support one another and enjoy the opportunity they had to play in the first place.



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