• June 14, 2021

After the JV women’s soccer team beat Gibbons 4-0 at home, Coach Tetreault let his players shave his head after the game to reward their victory over the team’s biggest rival. 

“From the start, in warmups, our whole team was all really positive, excited, and ready to play hard in this game, even though we were out a few players,” said Lauren Rousos, a sophomore on the team. 

By halftime, the team was leading Gibbons 2-0. 

Rousos said that at halftime, “Coach T was already positive he was about to get his head shaved, and it only motivated us to keep pushing towards the win.” 

Gibbons was not giving up though — they continued to play aggressively in an attempt to come back. “Not only were they becoming competitive because we were winning at the beginning of the game, but we beat them a few weeks before, so they were trying to get payback. It didn’t work though,” said Rousos. 

Leesville then scored two more points to end the game with a final score of 4-0. 

“The feeling at the end of the game was bittersweet because this was the last time he was going to coach some of the players he really loves, but it was a great way to farewell,” said Rousos. 

“When he shaved his head it showed me along with all the other players on the team how much he really cares for us,” said  Zoe Fulton, a sophomore on the team. 

This was the last game for the Women’s JV soccer team. With an overall record of 6-1-2, the PRIDE had a successful season — the win against Gibbons was the perfect way to end the season.


Hi! My name is Viviana and I am a staff writer for The Mycenaean. I also am a member of Leesville’s varsity softball team. Outside of school, I work at Alpine Ski Center and frequently serve at my church. I often tell my best stories through films and videos.

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