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Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, artists such as The Weekend gained many new awards. It was a night for celebration and fans got to see their favorite singers perform or get awarded for their hard work.


Versailles Run



Sorry but I just love this filter😂 #foryou #runningqueen #funnyvideo

♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up – Jadyn


TikTok recently released a new and very odd filter that its users have fallen in love with. The filter is called “Versailles Run” and it stitches the user’s faces onto a running cartoon of a princess in a castle. The filter has been used in a variety of creative ways including this video by user @iconiccpinkk.





On May 21 BTS released a new single. It has been going viral as fans and critics share their opinions. The group even performed the song at last night’s Billboard Music Awards.


COVID Speculation



The Wall Street Journal posted an article on three Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers. The researchers reportedly visited the hospital in November of 2019 for symptoms with an illness aligning with COVID-19. This report is fueling the conspiracy that the virus escaped from a lab and was not naturally spread.


Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan



Today marks Bob Dylan’s eightieth birthday and Twitter is wishing him a happy birthday! Bob Dylan wrote a wide variety of songs during his career that touched hearts all over the world. His songs definitely reached Ireland since the President of Ireland wrote a letter to Dylan writing “Beir Bua,” which means “may victory be yours” in Irish.


Prom 2021 



Wait til the end for a cinematic masterpiece. ##prom2021 ##prettydress ##fypageviral ##foryoupage ##prideandprejudice ##droneshot ##eyetransition ##storytime

♬ original sound – ceo of jeans


As prom season is currently in full swing, the past two weekends social media pages have been flooded with pictures and videos of people’s experiences. Some are taking back their missed opportunities from last year and are fully enjoying the chance to celebrate.


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