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COVID-19 Vaccine Spread 



Now that most people who want to get the vaccine and are 16 or older have received it, the FDA has decided the Pfizer vaccine can be given to younger kids. This is the next step toward herd immunity, and people are excited to have their kids finally vaccinated.


Pesto Eggs



##eggs ##pestoeggs ##homecook

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A new recipe has made its way to TikTok: Pesto Eggs. The unlikely but delicious combination is taking over the app with creators sharing the different flavors from each way they cook the egg.


Corey LaBarrie



A year ago today popular Youtube star Corey LaBarrie died in a tragic car crash. Not only does today signify his passing, but it also marks what would have been his 26th birthday. People on Twitter are wishing him a happy birthday and celebrating his short but full life. 





“Aht aht aht aht” @noahmadesmk1 @koolasoneil @thatskizzie @chandler.hartford ##dadjokes ##foryou

♬ original sound – Theo Wisseh


Dads and other TikTok users are sharing their favorite cheesy “dad” jokes. Check out #DadJokes to see all of the funniest, and not-so-funny, attempts.


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