Senior Spotlight: Cailey Brooks


Cailey Brooks, senior, spent two years on the JV tennis team. Even though she’s not on the team anymore, tennis is still one of her favorite hobbies.

Brooks is also a part of the International Thespian Society (ITS) which is a high-status club for theatre students. This year due to COVID, the club could not find many opportunities because their volunteer projects were cancelled. The club continued by playing team building and group games. 

Brooks is familiar with the Leesville community. She attended Leesville Middle School and stayed at Leesville ever since. “My favorite part of Leesville is that it has such a strong community that made it easy to stay connected and grow up with my friends,” she said via text.

Brooks believes that her friends contribute to her enjoyment throughout high school this allowed her to not be as stressed and appreciate all of her four years. “[Some advice] I have for new freshmen is not to stress,” wrote Brooks. “You should enjoy high school and have fun while you can because 4 years goes by faster than you would think.” 


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