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Mythology With a Twist



Goofy Gods Comics is a strip created by artist Byot Art and his friend. The silly and heartwarming comics are known for depicting the Greek gods in a modern light doing things like playing video games, adopting pets, and playing dungeons and dragons. This comic here is one of quite a few highlighting a budding romance between Persephone and Hades, the gods of spring and death respectively. In addition to the Instagram account, Goofy Gods Comics also has a Webtoon which you can find here.


Calling All Vinyl Lovers



Reply to @phonorecord Record digging at Amoeba Hollywood! ##recordcollector ##vinyltiktok ##hollywood ##losangeles ##caifornia ##theweeknd ##daftpunk

♬ Radio Shack – Vulfpeck


TikTokers are sharing their record collections and favorite places to shop. Check out #VinylClub to see all of the unique records and hidden gems vinyl lovers have found.


An Artist Spotlight



Richard Oliver is a painter who primarily creates landscapes of the world around him. He was born in Pontypridd Wales in 1975 and a lot of his early art draws from “the problem of self value and worth in a new non self sufficient country where every corner and horizon echoed the past yet every TV and computer pointed forward.” Oliver is very successful in his career and today you can find his art in places like the Known Gallery in L.A. and the Museum of Modern Art in Whales.    


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