The Ways of Winterfest 2021


Many girls create posters as a part of asking and they often incorporate puns, inside jokes, or funny sayings as a way to make the proposal process more fun. How big people go when it comes to Winterfest proposals varies widely. (Photo courtesy of Viviana Straniero) 

It is the time of year for Winterfest, and although there will be no dance this year, many girls are still taking up the role of asking the guys to celebrate in a different way. 

Even without the dance, one tradition still remains, girls ask the guys. This year girls asked the boys to a more covid-friendly event — dinner. Asking someone to Winterfest is surprisingly time-consuming and stressful, and girls typically do not have to deal with this pressure. 

Winterfest is a big deal for high school students. It is a gathering that many look forward to, which is why people are still choosing to (safely) celebrate in the midst of a pandemic. By going to dinner with a small group of friends, many are still enjoying the excitement of Winterfest while maintaining safety.  

Kaylee Miller, a sophomore at Leesville, explained that because of Covid she was excited about asking her boyfriend. She said via text, “asking him to Winterfest was exciting because right now we can’t go out and do as many things as we used to. Even though we aren’t having a big Winterfest event, I still felt that it would be fun to ask him and celebrate smaller.”  

Many girls enjoy and look forward to the concept of asking the guys. Olivia Heany, a sophomore at Leesville, said via text, “I love asking my boyfriend to WF because guys are usually expected to surprise the girl, so it’s nice to switch it up. It makes me happy to be able to show him how much he means to me.” 

The anticipation girls feel when they wait to see if a boy is going to ask them to Homecoming reverses in the Wintertime. Jacob Lail, a sophomore at Leesville, said, “The same feeling girls get when they are anxiously waiting to see if they get asked to any other event such as hoco, guys want to experience that once in a while as well!!”  

Right now, high school students don’t have much to look forward to being in a pandemic and all. Celebrating Winterfest on a smaller scale, through asking boys and going to dinner, gives students something to be excited about. 



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