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Everyone Loves Jimmy



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♬ SIKEEE Woo Wednesday Edition – Regwad


Many WandaVision fans are obsessed with the character Jimmy Woo, an FBI agent featured in the show. Fans on TikTok have begun finding him in other shows and posting these moments claiming it as the “Jimmy Wooniverse”.


Snailed It!



Welcome to the world of snails; an alternate universe where these slimy fellows go to school, eat in restaurants, and even star in their own movies. Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland, the creators of this short, have also created a book “Snail World: Life in the Slimelight” which features more shots of daily life recreated with snails. You can find the book linked here.    


A First Look at Cruella



Earlier today the first trailer for the Cruella movie came out. The trailer features Emma Stone in the iconic role of Cruella de Vil during her origin in the world of Parisian fashion. Many fans are excited to finally see one of their favorite Disney villains as the star of the show and have even compared her entrance to Maleficent.


Ever Wanted to Live in a Disney Movie?



Samuel MB is an artist, actor, and elementary school teacher who uses his art to bring classic Disney characters to life with the art of photoshop. Samuel’s inspiration for his pieces comes from the Warner Bros’ movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Which famously mixes both animation and live-action aspects, and later when he learned to use photoshop he began creating similar pieces.


Tory Lanez Bad Hair Day



Twitter users have been freaking out over a new photo of Tory Lanez. The photo features Lanez playing basketball with a questionable hairdo that almost looks like balding. Fans are posting every critique they can think of, even going as far as to say that he “has his sunroof open”.


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