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Contributors: Cassidey Farrell 

A Zoom Mishap

We have all had embarrassing moments on Zoom or Google MEET calls, but this lawyer’s mistake went viral. He appeared at a virtual court via Zoom, not realizing there was a cat filter turned on! This serious event quickly became an awkward attempt to get him off the filter, and people are enjoying watching this funny and unfortunate mishap. 

10 years later… Friday Returns

10 years after Rebecca Black released her debut song “Friday,” which garnered 167 million views in its first 3 months on YouTube, Black has now released a remix featuring 3OH!3, Dorian Electra, and Big Freedia. This release has caused Twitter and the internet, in general, to freak out.

Sibling Relations


What it’s like having a little brother

♬ original sound – Mr. America

Anyone with a sibling knows exactly what is going on here. The really important question is, which one are you, at the bottom or the top of the stairs?

Hi-C Returns

Twitter users are freaking out about McDonald’s newest announcement. The restaurant chain promised customers that they will bring back Hi-C Orange Lavaburst by the summer of 2021. Apparently, this beverage was sorely missed and customers are thrilled to have a classic back.


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