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Contributors: Lauren Taylor and Ellie Bruno

New Year New Meme


Every year after the Super Bowl halftime show there are many memes and opinions about the performance. This funny example accurately depicts the kind of thing many people might have been thinking while watching The Weekend perform last night.

Just Go Do It


To everyone out there who is too scared of being bad at something to start, just go do it. The idea of “being a natural” at something is a lie; everyone sucks when they try something for the first time. With that being said, stop worrying about not being amazing because amazing will come with practice.

Nostalgia on Demand


iCarly fans are sure to be excited hearing the news that this childhood show is streaming on Netflix. This news has also sparked debate over how good the show really is, or how good it is compared to other iconic Disney and Nickelodeon shows.

Try At Your Own Risk


Looking for dumb and dangerous things to do with your time? Well, look no further than here! Gee atherton, a professional downhill cyclist, has compiled a series of video clips that are bound to catch your eye, and get you into the “let’s do something stupid!” mood. Whether you choose to follow his lead and recreate some of these shenanigans, or change them and make them your own, I hope you enjoy yourself, and do not die or severely hurt yourself in the process.

YouTube Milestone



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