Review of Bridgerton

Picture of Wilton House, which is used as the home of the Duke of Hastings in Bridgerton. Bridgerton was filmed in beautiful places in England (photo courtesy of public domain).

Netflix’s Bridgerton is making waves with the show’s plot. Based on Julia Quinn’s 8 novels of the Bridgerton series, viewers immerse themselves in this 1800’s English romance.

I watched the first episode of this remarkable show, and was immediately blown away by the details. From the filming to the costumes, the plotline to the acting, almost everything was breathtaking. 

The plot follows Daphne Bridgerton as she attends Queen Charlotte’s débutante balls. Daphne is the young woman that everyone believes is the attractive gem of the season. The balls help men pursue and marry women, so that their wives can live a lavish life– women at that time period needed husbands for financial support, because society looked down upon women.

Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings quickly formed a beautiful friendship so that more men would flock towards Miss Bridgerton, but the friendship turned into something more. 

Don’t be fooled — despite the beauty and elegance of it all, there were plenty of scandals and drama in the mix. The suspense and tension adds depth to this period drama.

Not only did I find the plot amazing, I loved almost everything else. Beautiful classical music frequents the background, the dresses of the débutantes are remarkable, the filming is perfect, and most importantly, people of color were represented. 

Despite all of the pros of Bridgerton, it isn’t perfect. There are lots of explicit scenes to watch out for, therefore recommended for more mature audiences. Netflix adds that to almost every show, so it is to be expected. I wish the producers would’ve been more inclusive for all ages when creating this show because it is annoying to skip scenes.

For the period inspired movie lovers, this is overall a fun show that captures the romantic scenery. 


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