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♬ Minecraft Ambient Effects DoubleDeeOGee – DoubleDeeOGee

Everyone knows it is easier to play Minecraft when your cat is helping you, right? Georgina the cat apparently loves her owner’s game so much that she is trying to help her mine. To be honest, she might play better than most people.



♬ The Reason – Hoobastank

Using a trending audio on TikTok, @damndaniel_ posted a video about not knowing how gas prices worked when he was younger. I really hope this is relatable or else I am the dumb one in this scenario.

Jamming On the Drums

Ben Carey, aka @bencnsus on Instagram is a drummer, lyricist and vocalist. He is most prominently known as the lead singer for Census, an Arkansas based rock band. You can learn more about Carey here in this podcast interview by Moment Makers where they breakdown his role in creating the song “I Can Feel Eternity.”

Looks Cold… I’m In!

Eve Muirhead is a Scotland-based curler. She is an olympiad and has represented Britain in the 2010, 2014, and 2018 Olympics. In this video she curls outdoors, playing on a frozen lake the way curling was originally played before indoor curling sheets were created. 


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