Can Raleigh, North Carolina Expect Snow this Year?


Raleigh citizens do not receive a lot of snow each winter, but they can usually expect a few days off from school and work because of snowy conditions. This year weather forecasters do not see much chance of Raleigh getting snow like they usually would. (Photo courtesy of public domain)

Raleigh, North Carolina typically receives one or more snowfalls during the winter and about four inches of snow on average. Based on recent weather patterns, weather forecasters expectations for snow in the remainder of the winter season are not guaranteed.

With winter starting on December 21 and two months remaining, there is still plenty of time for precipitation to fall while temperatures are cold outside. Although, long range weather forecasts predict a dryer, warmer winter than Raleigh typically experiences.

According to “The Old Farmer’s Almanac,“ which is a regional weather forecast predictor for the upcoming sixty days, chances of snowfall for the remainder of the winter season will be below normal and most likely to happen in early January. Raleigh shares a region with Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, and Greensboro.

Weather forecasts predicted that Raleigh would see snowfall on both December 25, 2020, and January 9, 2021. On both dates, snow either failed to fall, or precipitation only fell for close to twenty minutes and didn’t stick to the ground.

Ally Fuhrer, a sophomore at Leesville, wrote via text message, “I’ve gotten my hopes up so many times and sometimes Wake County will even cancel my after school workouts, but nothing ever happens.”

There are few explanations for why Raleigh’s weather patterns look different this winter, but hopefully–with there being remaining months in the winter season–there is still a chance for a good snowfall despite the recent let downs.



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