Why give to Christmas Charities?

In the holiday season, most imagine presents piled up under the tree, and families gathered together. However, some people are less fortunate. Charities seek to bring joy to those who have less by spreading Christmas cheer. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

In addition to presents, trees, holiday parties, and family, donations are a popular part of the Christmas season. It is a time filled with increased giving, yielding a 42% jump in charitable giving during the holiday season, said BusinessWire.

Charitable organizations, such as Operation Christmas Child, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, the Food Bank, Christmas is not your Birthday, Lottie Moon, and many others offer easy ways to help others in a season that should be filled with celebration. 

There are many reasons to give back — here’s why a few Leesville students do so, and why it’s so important.

“I’ve been really lucky and blessed to have everything I’ve ever needed in my life… if I can help someone out with either my time or with a donation I’ll try to,” said Anika Ruff, junior, via direct messaging. Donating to charities can come from an overflow of your own needs being met. It’s a way to give thanks for what you have by providing for the needs of others.

“I donate to charities because I know the Christmas season can be difficult financially for others and if my donation helps them then it’s worth it,” said Emma Nani, junior, via text.

Christmas is not the only time you can donate, but it is a highly anticipated part of the year. It can be extra unique to donate at Christmas because “you’re contributing to an important time in someone’s life,” wrote Ruff. “[Y]ou don’t want anyone to be sad on Christmas or during the holidays so donating makes sure they have some Christmas cheer.”

“It… helps me get into the Christmas spirit [of giving],” wrote Nani. As you give to family and friends, consider giving to others as well. It is a wonderful way to share the joy of Christmas.

And the spirit of Christmas spreads the message of the gospel. “[B]y donating and giving to others, I am able to reflect [Jesus’] love to me when I love others,” said Collin Sharp, senior, via text.

“Others should donate if they are able to because, especially with COVID, there are many people who will not be able to afford the items that are donated. Others should donate because they can be the blessing that those in need are waiting for.,” wrote Sharp. 

Spread the love this holiday season — invest your time and money in someone who can use it most.


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