College Tour Series: UNC Asheville


The UNC Asheville tour takes you all around campus and shares what makes their university unique. As you go through the tour you get a great idea of what life is like at UNC Asheville. (Photo courtesy of Trevor Darnell)

UNC Asheville is a liberal arts school located in the western part of NC in the Appalachian Mountain range. Like lots of other colleges, UNC Asheville has used virtual tours as a way to encourage students to enroll in their college. 

Unlike some of the other colleges in NC, UNC Asheville’s virtual tour is a series of videos highlighting the academic and student life of the college.

The first video in the virtual tour talks about the academics at the college. It explains how UNC Asheville has “liberal arts core classes,” which are classes that students at Asheville have to take that are related to the liberal arts. The campus is set up very uniquely in which University Heights Road divides all of the academic and student life at Asheville. 

A tour of the Highsmith Student Union is the second video you will watch on the tour. The student union houses lots of student life including the offices of student organizations, fraternity life, and sorority life. Two dining options for students are also available in the student union, Austin Grill which is a burger and tex mex place, and Build Pizza by Design where you can build your own pizza. Finally, the bookstore and game room are also located in the student union.

Next up you will get a look at the Ramsey Library, the only library at UNC Asheville. If a book is not available at Ramsey Library but is available at either Appalachian or Western Carolina University, the book can be shipped to the student. There are areas in the library to help out students if they need help with anything. 

You get a look inside each of the residence halls at UNC Asheville. The four main residence halls are Governors, Ponder, Founders, and Mills halls. There is also Governors Village that houses Gardner, Hoey, Ashe, Moore, and Scott halls.

Finally, on the tour, there is a video about the city of Asheville and all the things it has to offer, including its River Arts District that has murals and an art gallery. The beautiful and scenic Blue Ridge Parkway runs through Asheville and is a great way to see the mountains.


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