College Tour Series: Duke


Pictured above is the Abele Quad, an outside area surrounded by the great buildings of Duke, including the Duke Chapel. The unique collegiate gothic architecture at Duke is from 1930 and was designed by the Horace Trumbauer architecture firm. (Photo courtesy of Trevor Darnell)

Like many schools, Duke University in Durham, NC, has used virtual tours as a way to encourage students to enroll in their university. Duke’s virtual tour shows off Duke’s main campus and all of the academic and social aspects that make Duke unique. 

The main campus tour of Duke takes you to the different buildings and discusses what each building offers. 

The first building you stop at is the iconic Duke Chapel that was built in 1930. You get a look inside the stunning chapel with a 360-degree picture. You can also access other pictures from outside the chapel and from other angles inside the chapel. 

You also tour inside two of the libraries at Duke: the Perkins/Bostock Library and the Lily Library. Duke has ten total libraries, but only covers these two libraries in the tour. Also highlighted in the tour are the two undergraduate colleges at Duke: the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the Pratt School of Engineering. 

The main campus tour also highlights the student life outside of academics. The campus center offers a lot, including 15 dining options and the Student Wellness Center. Another great way to spend outside of the classroom is at the Nasher Museum of Art that is located on Duke’s campus.


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