Coats for Children

WRAL holds Coats for Children every year to help those in need during the holidays. They mainly donate to the Salvation Army families and families within the area (photo used from

Coats for Children, also known as Coats for Kids, is a WRAL major community campaign to support families in need. 

Unfortunately, thousands of children in our viewing area need a warm, winter coat. Coats for Children accepts gently used coats, hats, and gloves which provides for the kids in need. 

Since 1989, WRAL has collected more than 176,650 coats and they have raised more than $2 million to provide warm clothing for Salvation Army families.  

Delaney Santre, a junior at Leesville, is the president of the Latin Club. She has been promoting her fellow classmates to donate to this wonderful organization. 

“I wanted to spread the word about Coats for Children because I believe it is a great organization that serves so many families in need,” said Santre.

Santre and her family recently moved to North Carolina from Texas. While living in Texas, Santre and her family would visit a shelter every year for teens and play piano for them. 

“It was always one of my favorite traditions because it made me really happy to help those in need,” said Santre. 

Since they are in North Carolina now, Santre hopes to continue her tradition of giving back through the Coats for Children organization. 

“Because we are new to the area, we’re trying to create new traditions and Coats for Kids is a perfect one for us,” said Santre. 

Coats for Children has many ways for everyone to donate. Besides clothing, they also accept checks and toys. The website also has a variety of combinations for someone to donate. 

According to their website, their bundles include: 

  • A cozy hat, gloves, and scarf = $25 
  • A sweatshirt, sweatpants, and pajamas =$45
  • A warm coat = $50 
  • A coat and a toy = $75  
  • A complete winter outfit = $125 
  • A complete winter outfit and toys = $175 
  • Winter outfit for two = $250 

Santre believes that encouraging everyone for their donations during the holidays will help people recognize how important it is to help those in need.

“We live such privileged lives, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that, and giving back allows us to become more grateful and better people,” said Santre. 

If you or anyone you know are interested in donating to Coats for Children, the link is provided here. Donations are being accepted until December 31st. In order to participate, you can drop off your donations at the locations listed on the website. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Leesville!


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