A New Hope

The holiday season looks a bit different than usual, and as much as we want this to be over, we have to be safe. Keep to small groups, wear your mask, and be smart! (Photo courtesy of Ellie Bruno)

It’s just like the light at the end of the tunnel has shown us how stinky and bad the tunnel is.” 

Breaking character on SNL Saturday 12, veteran comedian Kate McKinnon let loose that little line, but it holds a lot of truth. 

Earlier in the week, we finally got approval for COVID-19 vaccines; a huge sigh of relief for the frontline workers, illuminating how badly the US handled this pandemic. But with these new vaccines, are we out of the woods completely? 

The Medical Miracle

History shows that the process to actually produce a safe, effective, and approved vaccine usually takes between 10-15 years, starting with a long development period. The vaccines Moderna and Pfizer began roughly back in April — only eight months ago. While the science behind the actual vaccine technique has been under development for years, this is an unprecedented step in the medical field. 

The results of rigorous studies are promising: both vaccines have a 94% effective rate after two doses. While they certainly aren’t perfect, they serve as a great defense for frontline workers and the most vulnerable to the virus. 

That’s the catch here — neither vaccine will be available for the general public until 2021, and almost 200,000 new cases of Covid are popping up in the US every day. With the holiday season coming in full swing, fears of another wave are rocking the country; Roy Cooper held a press conference briefing the public on the latest Covid information in NC, urging people to stay home for the holidays. 

Have Patience, it May Save Your Life 

We aren’t in the clear. I cannot stress that message enough. I know my friends and peers want to gather again like we used to — we’re all itching to get away from our computers all day. But for your safety, and for those you love, please stay home. 

The end is in sight! It’s a beautiful moment that will go down in the history books, but until these vaccines reach the general public, we have to stay vigilant. Until then, the best thing to do is keep cautious: stay at home, stay away from large groups, and wear a mask. I may sound like every politician on air, but the only way to get through this pandemic is to work together — if not, then this will all be for nothing. Take the time to do the right thing, not just for yourself, but for others. 


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