Reasons Why Trump’s False Claims of Election Fraud Are Believed

The U.S. President Donald J. Trump was visiting the President of Ukraine in June 2017. Donald Trump has been President since January 20, 2017. (Use by permission of Jarould)

The highly anticipated U.S. 2020 Presidential election concluded on November 7, 2020, when various media outlets predicted Joe Biden won Pennsylvania, pushing him over the 270 electoral votes threshold, leading him to become the President-Elect. 


Every major news outlet confirmed his victory, but incumbent President Trump, most of the GOP, and his supporters deny the results, claiming widespread voter fraud


Trump and the GOP have yet to provide substantial evidence of widespread voter fraud.


Yet, we see Trump in court contesting the results, and it leads you to wonder why he is with no proof?


All of his fraud claims have been dismissed, the people who are stepping forward to report fraud withdraw their request, or Trump’s legal team from the state leave the case


There are three significant reasons why this is happening; Donald Trump, his inability to admit he has lost, and the battle for power over this country.


Donald Trump


Donald Trump has completely changed the game of politics. 


His bold and abrasive attitude has been something no politician has tried to attempt before, and it endeared some Americans. 


It is ok not to tell the whole truth and divide people with the words you say and not apologize.  


He got many Americans to believe he will “drain the swamp” and throw out the old ways of politics.


Trump got many Americans to believe every word he says, so when he says there is widespread voter fraud, they just accept it even when there’s no proof. Many think it is right just because it came out of the President’s mouth.


Sowing distrust in this already vastly divided country is dangerous. We can’t afford to have this misinformation coming from high up. 


Trump Cannot Comprehend The Loss


Since the election has been called, reports have stated that Trump often refuses to accept the election results, even when people close to him tell him he has lost.


Trump cannot comprehend his loss due to being surrounded by yes men, always throwing rallies with people who adore him and having GOP officials agree with him on almost everything. 


Other reports say that the President does understand he has lost, but he will never publicly admit it. 


If that is true, he could just confirm the election. Restoring what little faith Trump supporters had in the government but won’t because of his ego. 


Power in Washington


Lastly, the reason why Republicans are backing Trump in this voter fraud crusade is power. 


The President changed the Republican party into the Trump party. If you do not believe in what Trump says, you are not a real Republican. 


This led to the Democratic and Republican parties to be even more divided than they were before. 


Power is now even more critical to have in Congress, and since the majority of the Republican party supports the President, if they go against him, it could be a hit to their political careers.


Even if some Republicans think Trump is out of hand, they go along with it. It’s the risk they have to pay to get their policies in. 


That is how divided policies are now. You do whatever you need to, say whatever you need to, to keep that majority. 


Trump will most likely keep objecting to the election until January 20, but he will ultimately leave the White House, leaving the country burning in his wake. 



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