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Contributors: Cassidy Farrell 

Grint Joins The Gram 

The beloved Harry Potter Rupert Grint has finally joined Instagram. Rupert posted his first photo on Tuesday which depicted him holding his young daughter, Wednesday. The Instagram community is ecstatic by his joining and he will hopefully provide tons of entertaining posts in the months to come.

Tiptoe the Tortoise


A day in the life of Tiptoe 🐢🌸💕 why does Tiptoe make you happy!! #fyp #foryoupage #tiptoe #tortoise

♬ You Got the Love – Florence & The Machine

Every animal lover on TikTok has to take the time to check out Tiptoe. Tiptoe is a 175-pound tortoise who loves to waltz around his yard and win over the hearts of thousands of TikTok users. In almost every video Tiptoe dramatically emerges from his enclosure and viewers get to see what a day is like in the life of a tortoise. Also, tortoises apparently like hibiscus flowers, who knew?

Cooking and Comedy


Happy Chobani Greek Yogurt Week, we’re making Chobani Greek Yogurt Pops! @Chobani #Ad #Chobani

♬ original sound – Lynja

Chefs and comedy lovers can come together to appreciate @cookingwithlynja and her awesome cooking videos. She posts videos with easy to follow recipes and sprinkles in funny jokes that make her videos very special.





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