Quick Bites: What’s Been Trending


Contributors: Cassidy Farrell and Lauren Taylor

Talking Dog?


Clever girl #doggyanthem #OhNo #dogsoftiktok #fypシ #bunnythedog

♬ original sound – I am Bunny

Bunny the dog has been confusing TikTok users everywhere due to her odd ability to communicate. Bunny speaks to her owner by stepping on a series of buttons pre-recorded with phrases like “beach” and “walk.” She has won the hearts of over 4.7 million users and becomes more entertaining every time she posts a video.

Daily Frog

If you love cute animals, daily frogs will be sure to cheer you up. @thefrogof posts a new frog every day for their audience to enjoy and it definitely shows that the internet can still be a wholesome and positive place.

Totally Awesome Blues Lick


Watch Kjartan Baldursson aka @Kbald_guitarist shred on his guitar. He also runs a youtube channel where he posts breakdowns of popular solos.

Celebrating Election Day with a Doodle 


Doodle Dan is an artist known best for his long time series where he draws the states as people. Here you can see his drawing of Washington D.C., telling everyone to get out and vote.





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